Vaishnava Care Team


The Sri Mayapur Vaisnava Care Team started in 2014 as one of the sub-committees of the Mayapur Community Sevakas dedicated to assisting the elderly and those in need of assisted living help. Since then, it has developed into a fully-fledged department dedicated to assisting needy members of the Mayapur community.

The SrI мayapur Vaishnava Care Team takes care of devotees in their homes when they are sick, have had an accident, or are otherwise unable to manage alone. There is а team of volunteers who provide practical assistance with cleaning, cooking, shopping, bathing, escoortrting devotees to the temple or hospital appointrnents, giving association, comfort and counselling. The Care Team also lends daily-living aids like wheelchairs and arranges prasadam for those arriving home after а stay in hospital. А 24-hour helpline is maintained so that devotees can reach the Team and receive the assistance they require. The devotees serving on the Sri Mayapur Vaishnava Seva Care Team attempt to build relationships with those they serve, in which trust is estahlished and thus devotees feel comfortable to allow the Sri Mayapur Vaishnava Seva Care Team to care for them.

There are primarily six devotees serving on the team, with the help of numerous other volunteers. The Sri Mayapur Vaishnava Seva Team is working on obtaining more training, helpers, and funding to expand and improve the services they offer for the pleasure of the Vaishnavas, and aims to have а fully operational assisted living and palliative care hospice in Sridhama Mayapur in the future.

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