Mayapur Community Sevakas (MCS)


The Mayapur Community Sevakas (MCS) was established in 2005 to serve devotees of the ISKCON Mayapur community and care for their wellbeing.

The MCS aims to work as a Grhastha Council which guides the community members, ensures that the principles established by Srila Prabhupada are upheld, builds spiritual objectives, acts as a medium between the community and the management, and promotes friendship within the community. The MCS also assists foreign devotees in obtaining visas so that they may reside in Sridhama Mayapur.

As the community of ISKCON Mayapur expands, the MCS has made changes to accommodate this growth. In 2017, the MCS established a system which separates the geographical areas of the Mayapur Community into sectors and ensures that each sector is assigned a leader who cares for and regularly meets with the devotees living within that specific sector. In 2018, the MCS assisted over 3600 devotees in obtaining visas and otherwise facilitating their residence in Mayapur. The MCS also teamed up with Mayapur Nama-hatta to conduct 500 programs and establish 26 new Nama-hatta centers.

The MCS is continually trying to develop ways to increase devotees' opportunity for sanga, service, and spiritual nourishment and development.

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