Mayapur Institute


The Mayapur Institute of International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON) was founded to fulfill the vision of Srila Prabhupada and to satisfy the growing need for true Vedic knowledge, intended to enlighten humanity, as well as to skillfully prepare students coming to us from all over the world in practical skills and Vaishnava lifestyle, not to mention academic subjects of education.

Mayapur Institute courses:

Bhakti-Shastra: This is an in-depth study of Bhagavad-gita, Nectar of Devotion, Sri Isopanishad, and Nectar of Instructions. It is intended for devotees who have seriously practiced Krishna consciousness for the past year, and also have an understanding of the basics of sastra. The course program is divided into Modules, so if you cannot take the whole course at once, each of the Modules can be completed separately for several years, so that the whole semester will be completed in the end.

Bhakti Vaibhava: if you have already completed the Bhakti-sastra course, you can enroll in the Bhakti-Vaibhava course. It studies the first 6 songs of Srimad-Bhagavatam. The course is divided into two modules. The first module is songs 1-3, the second module is songs 4-6. Both modules last for 14 weeks. As in the Bhakti-sastra course, this course has a study guide that will be available to all registered students. You need to prepare in advance, as this course is designed with the expectation that you will attend lectures in Mayapur for all 14 weeks. You can also take this course in a few years by visiting the modules individually. Each module lasts 3 months.

This year, the course of Bhakti Shastra and Bhakti Vaibhava will take place from November 20, 2019 to February 16, 2020.

If you will visit the modules separately:

  • 1 module 18.11 - 19.12 Bhagavad Gita 1-6 gl.
  • 2 module 05.12 - 23.12 Bhagavad Gita 7-12 gl.
  • 3 module 24.12 - 06.01 Bhagavad Gita 13-18 gl.
  • 4 module 07.01 - 27.01 Sri Ishopanishad and Nectar of the Instructions
  • 5 module 28.01 - 14.02 Nectar of Devotion

Teachers: E.S. Chandramauli Swami, E.S. Jayadvaita Swami, E.S. Bhakti Rasayana Sagara Swami, E.S. Bhakti Bhagavatamrta Kesava Swami, E.M. Caitanya Chandra Charan Prabhu, E.M. Sarvagya Prabhu, E.M. Dayayan Prabhu, E.M. Mahadev Prabhu, E.M. Vrajendra Kumar Prabhu, E.M. Gaura Sundara Prabhu, E.M. Krishna Kaneya Prabhu.

During this period, additional courses may take place. Visiting Maharajas and preachers sometimes give free courses and seminars. Keep track of the schedule closer to the dates.

You can see all the detailed information on the website of the Mayapur Institute or follow the events on the page on Instagram [@bhaktisastri.mayapur] (

You can register for the course by writing to the e-mail: or by phone +7 904 348 84 07