Community Hospital


As the community of ISKCON Mayapur continues to expand, growing from 500 to 5,000 and, in the future, to 50,000, appropriate facilities to care f or the residents of this community are required. То this end, the Sri Mayapur Community Hospital has been established to care for the health needs of Mayapur's congregation. The hospital provides the following services:

  • Treatment of basic noninvasive illnesses
  • Treatment of minor injuries, abrasions, sprains and strains
  • Pathology
  • ECG
  • A wide range of dental services
  • Optical services
  • Non-critical in-patient services
  • Psychotherapy

In addition to the hospital itself, Sri Mayapur Community Hospital runs two pharmacies, one located on the ground floor of the hospital building and one located near ISKCON Mayapur's main gate, and additional Ayurvedic and acupuncture clinics. Currently, the hospital has 32 staff members working in the hospital, pharmacies, and clinics. Six doctors serve at the hospital on а permanent or weekly basis. Montbly, the hospital serves approximately 650 devotees. In the future, Sri Mayapur Community Hospital plans to renovate its facilities in order to provide more comprehensive services to meet the demands of ISKCON Mayapur's growing community.

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