The technique of achieving spiritual goals through exercises on self-discipline, self-restraint, self-denial; prayer; fulfillment of complex vows.


Devotional service to the Supreme Lord. Bhakti in practice is the prime means of spiritual success, and perfected bhakti, pure love of God, is the ultimate goal of life.

Bharata Varsha

The planet earth, named after Bharata the son of Rishabhadeva. In a more restricted sense, greater India.


Devotional service to the Lord; activities in accordance with the rules and regulations of the Vedas.


(jnana yoga) - the path to knowing the Absolute Truth through reflection and study of philosophy.


Food directly from the plate that has been offered to the Supreme Lord. Such food from Lord Jagannatha at Puri is especially known as maha-prasada, but Srila Sanatana Gosvami uses the term to refer to Krishna’s prasada in general.


The mercy of the Lord; consecrated food or any items that were offered to the Lord. Learn More


Chanting of a mantra quietly to oneself.

Japa mala

The beads used in various practices of Hinduism. Japa Mala usually consists of 108 grains. In Vaishnavism, malas from the tulasi tree are used.


Beads worn around the neck by devotees of Krishna.


(sankirtana) - chanting of holy names of God.


The burial place of an exalted Vaisnava. Usually, according to Vaisnava traditions, after leaving, the body is cremated and the dust is scattered over the sacred rivers. But the body of a great Vaisnava is transcendental, therefore, after a certain ceremony, the body of such a Vaisnava is buried in the ground, and then a temple is built.


(Vrndavana) - the eternal abode of Lord Krishna, where He fully manifests His attractiveness; a village on Earth in which He held His childhood games five thousand years ago.

Jagannatha Puri

The holy city (in Orissa on the Bay of Bengal) where Lord Jagannatha resides.

Gaudiya Vaishnava

The followers of Lord Caitanya.

Lord Caitanya

(Caitanya Mahaprabhu) (1486-1534) is the avatar of Lord Krishna. He came in the form of a devotee in order to teach people love of God - bhakti-yoga.