Forestry Project


А project of ISKCON Mayapuг's Land Department is the Mayapur Forestry Project, which helps promote, conserve and develop the environment of Srl Mayapur Dhama.

They plant thousands of trees annually and produce wood for the use of the Deities, devotees and kitchens of Mayapur. They supply timber for the construction of Lord Jagannatha's Ratha-yatra carts, and also for constructing the houses of some devotees. They also supply over 150 thousand kilos of firewood to the kitchens of Mayapur. The Forestry Project cares for over 550 mango trees, more than 35 jackfruit trees, 10 lychee trees, around 350 coconut trees, and three fields of banana trees, adding up to over two thousand trees. They also plant а variety of timber trees, and have to date planted approximately 13 thousand in various areas of Mayapur Dhama. They also care for а nursery, flower garden, vegetble garden, а large bamboo forest, and a kadamba grove with 1500 new trees. The flowers, vegetaЬles, апd fruit that come from these gardens given to the temple to bе offered to the Deities.

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