Agriculture Department


The Mayapur Agriculture Department aims to supply organic grains and produce for the Deity kitchen so that Sri Sri Radha-Madhava can enjoy foodstuffs which are pure and naturally grown, and in the future, to cultivate enough for all the other kitchens of Mayapur. These projects are part of a long-term vision to manifest Srila Prabhupada's instructions that the whole of Mayapur be self-sufficient.

In 2017, the Mayapur Agriculture Department produced а full crop of organic rice, cultivated on а total of 60 bighas (35 acres) of land. Mustard was grown on 20 bighas (12 acres).This year, for the first time, all the rice and mustard was grown organically-a difficult feat for agriculture in India and а major achievement for the Department. Maize was also grown, and in 2016, coriander, jute, rice, and mustard were grown. The Department engages five full-time devotees and four assistants. Six laborers are employed full-time and others are hired on commission as needed for harvests and other tasks.

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